Do you know the Sales Cycle in Your Area?

When you are a property owner or investor looking to sell your property in Melbourne it is wise to understand the different cycles of property sales as they happen in your local area and with your property type.

For example, in any given year there are times where it is quite predictable as to the levels of sale success and sale enquiry.  It has a lot to do with:

  • Movement of businesses in the area
  • Business cycles during the financial year, political and financial trends 
  • Consumer sentiment for shopping, retail spending or buying
  • Tenant movements in the area
  • Zoning changes that impact property development
  • Supply and demand for certain types of local property
  • Method of sale and marketing strategy
  • Levels of buyer and tenant enquiry

Given these variables it is always wise to get local advice from experienced commercial agents that know what the market is doing right at this time. They will also have a firm idea of how the prices are trending, and how to improve price outcomes. 

Even if you think that now is not a good time to sell your property, you can take the right steps to understand what you can do when the time is right.  Owning commercial investment property is often rewarding yet sometimes not without unexpected challenges.

At Melbourne Acquisitions we can help you with local property knowledge and the proven property strategies that you can apply in your next sale, lease or purchase. We know what is happening with buyer and tenant enquiry, local area marketing, and investment performance across the greater Melbourne property markets. This information can help you make a valuable and timely property decision.