The Best Marketing Mix for Selling Your Commercial Property in Melbourne

When it is time to sell your commercial or retail property in Melbourne, there are some choices for you to think about.  The right choices will boost your property enquiry and your potential price outcomes.  The wrong choices can waste a lot of your time and your money. We can help you with the strategic property promotions that we know work in the city and suburbs.

Not all advertising strategies are equal.  We want to help you with the best promotional solutions that we know work in the current property market conditions.  Promotional strategies vary by property type, location, and time of year.  The campaign approach to property marketing is important.  Strategies sit within that.

The Ways to Promote a Commercial Property

What are the marketing solutions and strategies to adopt with your office, industrial, or retail property? The key issue here is that you want to attract enquiry from the special market segments that you know will find your property interesting and attractive. 

Enquiry boosts inspections, and inspections boost negotiation possibilities.  Here are some ideas to ‘shape’ the concept for you:

  1. Set the target market – This will be investors and or business owners.  In most sales, the buyers usually come from the surrounding area and or town or city.  They know what they want, and they are already participating in the property market locally in Melbourne.  The local property market must be covered comprehensively in promoting your property for sale. 
  2. Online marketing – It’s important that you choose the right portals for your property type and its target market. That decision can vary, and the logic needs can be applied to the portal placement, the size of the advertisement, and the frequency of advertising. There are several different portals where most properties for sale or lease are placed. Some portals are better than others. Cost variations also apply. So where will the best promotional value be?
  3. Comparable properties – Consider the other properties that are currently on the market locally that could be compared to your asset at this time. Some may be competing directly with your property now.  How can your property be more effectively promoted to attract the eye of the target audience? What will be your point of difference in property promotion? Design your advertising with a ‘twist’ and some clear factors of attraction. There must be a ‘story’ to the property promotion. An editorial can be placed online and circulated about your property in social media. When a property has a ‘history’ or ‘story’, then the message is worth sharing.
  4. Offline marketing – This is the traditional newspaper marketing, flyers, letter drops, and direct promotions to qualified people.  A database of contacts and qualified people should be reviewed for interest and opportunity in your marketing campaign. Newspapers also still have some value as part of a dedicated property promotion, albeit limited in duration when compared to online advertisements.  For that reason, a balanced property promotional campaign staggered over several weeks will be valuable.
  5. The direct approach – A quality property should always be directly promoted to local business owners, investors, and other interested people in the location. That is a direct approach of calling, emailing, and contacting known property people. It can also involve mailouts, door knocking, and meetings.
  6. The promotional message – A headline will pull in the interest of the target market.  What should the headline be for your property?  The location and the history of the asset or property type will be of value.  From that review, the advertising copy can be designed. To that, we add images professionally taken to suit the property and the target market.  Internals and externals will be valuable to the photographic portfolio for your property.  The photos can be used in advertising, but the fuller portfolio of photos can be sent to qualified and interested parties.  Good photos are always important in any property promotion.  They engage with buyers.
  7. There will be a shortlist of interested parties – At the start of any property promotion, there will be a shortlist of buyers and investors that are already qualified and known. Early dispatch of property information about your asset is always a good idea to get feedback.
  8. Timed campaigns apply – This is a process of spreading the marketing campaign over several weeks or months.  The type of property and the target audience will be part of the consideration for that.  The campaigns will include a mixture of social media, online advertisements, and direct marketing.

So, all these strategies can be considered to market a commercial or retail property in Melbourne.  The right strategies and campaign structure will then take things to the next level. 

Don’t just give your property to an agent to promote.  Ask questions and expect clear recommendations.  The sale of a commercial investment property is not an experiment in property promotion. At Melbourne Acquisitions, we can tell you what is best for advertising your property and how to go about it.